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Weekly Insight, April 1st 2018

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

Changes and some big emotional waves may be coming this week.

As the candy baskets begin to empty, bunny fluff and Easter stuff all begins to be tucked away, we can once again settle into our routine after the holidays. Along with the sugar crash you may notice an increase of emotions come flooding to the surface.

Energetically there is a lot going on and many of us are once again being pushed to strive towards our true purpose -- for some a sigh of relief may be felt after the period of stagnation many of us felt the last few months. Others may feel a sense of disappointment as many of us have been simply enjoying being. Now though is the time to get refocused on what it is we desire to achieve and why.

Routine may be slightly tricky this week, for many the simple rebellion of not wanting to recommit ourselves to the gym, our meal plan or getting to bed at a decent hour is just a way we may be trying to ignore/slow down some of the changes that are approaching at a rapid pace.

Ideally this is a great week for reflection, what have you learnt about yourself the past few months, how can we embark on a new journey and what changes do we ache to see on the horizons...

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