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Weekly Insight, April 8th 2018

A great week to turn inwards.

As I sat in meditation open to receive some insight about what this week ahead may have in store for us I kept getting that this is a week about turning inwards. A week to honour our own senses, to ask ourselves for our own advice. A time to resist the temptation to seek out the external validation of family and friends, as their own opinions (fears and cautions included) often cloud our own true thoughts.

So instead I encourage each of you (and myself) to simply focus on us and our unique paths as individuals. We can graciously take the advice of others and ponder it, as so often incredible wisdom is brought through simple conversation but this is really a week that is about what feels right, to YOU.

After all your path is much different then theirs and this journey is one that in many ways we each walk alone.

For many of us we are going through a period of beginnings and endings. So while we prepare to wrap up loose ends or in preparation of a new journey the simple act of reconnecting with ourselves is transformational.

It is so important to check in with how we are feeling, to honestly think about what we are sensing, enquire about what it is that requires our time and attention, reevaluate where more healing is necessary, take an honest look at the baggage we would benefit by letting go of-- in order to make room for what is about to come, we must first make the room to allow it in. So I ask you to consider, what is it you have outgrown...

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