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Weekly Insight Aug 27th 2018

Moving forwards! Clarity is a divine gift, it fuels our ambitions and speeds up our decisions in some really big ways.

There is a good chance you are feel a swarm of sudden understanding and direction in your life-- if you are yet to experience this as of yet there is a good chance it will show up sooner then later.

You may find yourself suddenly aware of the reasons and true motives of why you choose to do one thing or another, you may find yourself as a witness to your own self sabotage.

This may also appear as an increase in motivation. Clarity often has that effect on people.

You may find yourself ready to skip through step one, two, three and hop right on to four. But if you do find yourself skipping stages and steps be sure to consider what it is you are powering forwarding and through. You don't want to find yourself overwhelmed without a lack of understanding of the true purpose behind these steps down the road.

That being said, you may experience a huge shift in momentum and my suggestion is to simply ride out that wave. If the tide is carrying you towards expansion then do not hesitate to expand!

Energetically we have spun in circles long enough! The past few months have been filled with drive yet still felt round and round and round for many. Now is time to really begin covering some ground.

Just ensure you do so in a way that aligns with your goals. In a way that feels accomplishable-- yes, you will have to work to swim (or succeed) but not as though your are being choked out by the mass amount of effort. As that will only lead to burn out and dissatisfaction.

It is time for productive forward momentum and I am sure if you lean in and allow the tide to assist you will be amazed at how far you will propel forward in these next three months.

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