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Weekly Insight, November 12th 2018

Let's get serious

What are you doing? Where are you going? How in the world are you going to get there?

You may find yourself pelting yourself with questions ALL week long!

The vibes are very serious right now and for most of us, we are ready to cut the crap.

We have SEVEN weeks left in 2018 and for many of us we are facing the realization that making this "our year" is quickly fading into just another year. So I ask you, what are you doing with the remaining seven weeks to set yourself up towards a great start to 2019?

This week we are ready to face the music, the realization that EVERYTHING we desire is out of our comfort zone is so clear we can no longer hide from the discomfort and disappointment of allowing our dreams once again to be neglected.

But the truth is... it is still an INCREDIBLE time to set new intentions, new goals.

In fact with this determined energy we are more likely then ever to actually achieve! We just need to get started. Now!

A few powerful questions to ask yourself are:

-What is it that I am putting off by distracting myself, making excuses or just completely avoiding?

-What area in my life do I really want to bring in change?

-How can I be and feel my best?

-Am I ready to commit to myself?

See I am not saying in an instant your life can change (which I totally do believe by the way) but what I am suggesting is that if your life is not where you want it to be, then you must be prepared to step up and change it!

This week we are faced with a new sense of clarity and determination and so long as we own that power within ourselves we are sure to have the willpower to succeed. Remember not every step has to be "perfect" we just need to be headed in the right direction!

Are you ready? Yeah you are!

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