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Weekly Insight, November 26th 2018

Did last week feel like you were trying to run a marathon in high heels? Like you had all this drive and focus but it was just not clicking together the way you would like it to?

You aren't alone.

Many of us felt like we had the drive to go miles but were moving through glue. Which lead many of us to frustration and disappointment.

Those vibes are still carrying with many of us as we enter into a new week leaving some of us overwhelmed and exhausted however don't worry by tomorrow and Wednesday our organization and progress will once again be visible.

Those of us that have been taking care of our own needs are likely just thrilled to feel momentum rising! A sense of excitement is swelling.

This week is likely to be one where a lot of fun can be had if we just breathe and relax, in fact we will likely get much more accomplished as we take time to laugh and enjoy the moment.

We are likely to see/experience a few times this week where life pushes us to the next level. Ready or not here it comes!

It is time to prepare, to begin making space for the new.

Be sure to sneak in lots of cuddles and make time to remind those you love that you adore them. This week energies and insecurities could potentially be running high so be sure to make time for fun and laugh!

If your feeling unmotivated, lost or overwhelmed it is time to reflect on your daily practices. What are they?

Are you taking time for yourself?

Nourishing your body?

Making time to have fun?

You should be taking time to embrace both work, success and caring for yourself and your own happiness.

Take some time to spend with those you love! Treat yourself to a night in.

Nurture yourself

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