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Weekly Insight, October 10th 2018

A time to release what is blocking your path.

Here is Canada Thanksgiving has passed and many of us are trying to catch up on getting life to feel back in flow.

A strong vibe of exhaustion, complacency and dissatisfaction is strong right now.

Don't worry though, this too shall pass. Give yourself some "loving structure" (think of when we make our kids brush their teeth and they really don't want to). Make a plan-- an achievable plan.

Sometimes we do more when we expect less of ourselves, so narrow down to your most important tasks and do not stress about the rest.

The week is almost over and the energy is shifting.

We will likely see the frustrations and exhaustions fall aside as we progress towards the end of the week and it is sure to end on a high note.

In the mean time rest and look after yourself.

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