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Weekly Insight, October 1st 2018

The driving force, (for many of us) is finally starting to swarm in causing big action to take place. Enough is enough! -- a mantra we may here many saying the next few weeks.

This is fantastic really as so much is waiting for you just on the other side of your comfort zone.

Our dedication and commitment is stronger then ever so this is a very powerful time to set new goals and new intentions for yourself.

Prioritize and take conscious action!

One forewarning I will point out is that, with so many of us back in drive mode people could be a little less aware of making "hurtful" comments. Try to shake off any snappy remarks another makes towards you. You yourself may have to be mindful of the way you say things.

The great news is whatever we set our mind and attention on these coming weeks is going to make a huge impact on the theme of 2019. YEP I said it, energetically the vibes for 2019 are drifting in stronger and stronger.

Perception is being amplified in a big way so ensure you are being aware of what you perceive to be true and what really is. If someone sent a text message you are unsure of what they really mean, or if there is an underlying message ASK!

Tippy toeing and over analyzing will not do you any favours at this time.

It is an incredible time to take direct, decisive action towards your goals.

There is a strong"yes" energy, one where many hurdles from the past simply don't apply at this time. If you have been thinking about a raise, ask. If you feel you need some help, ask!

I encourage you to write down three important desires, things you would like to achieve by the new year. Intentions you are ready to take action on and create!

Get clear on what you want, then get out of your own way and make it happen!

You know your ready!

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