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Weekly Insight, October 29th 2018

Darkness may have felt as though it was about to swarm in, only to awaken to the sun shining brightly.

Don't be surprised if some doubts and fears are put to rest this week and you instead find more clarity then you have had in some time.

While for many of us our energy is still somewhat lacking our creativity and thirst for the next phase is likely to be strong. Don't panic, the moments of doubt are normal-- this life is a fine dance. Let the music play and embrace the joy of the moment!

By midweek you could find your confidence beginning to shine a bit brighter. However you could also feel more lethargic then usual, which could leave to a short temper if you do not honour yourself as the frustration begins to build.

Remember as uncomfortable as it can be to speak up about agitations it is generally much less uncomfortable then when the swollen emotions erupt to do more damage to all those under it's attack-- yourself included.

So please be kind you yourself. Speak your truth and express your feelings.

Move your body, cherish yourself and trust that your words have in deed been absorbed.

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