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Weekly Insight, September 10th 2018

The reasoning-- the why, that stage is coming to an end and we are really moving into the "nuts and bolts" of the year; now is the time to decipher the HOW.

A great idea is nothing with out a plan, a dream will always be a dream if we do not have some conscious choices and effort put behind it.

With the "how" though also comes a bunch of pesky little "what ifs, could fail, might get hit by a bus" thoughts that rear their head and come to scream in your mind once more. Acknowledge them, but send them back to their seats at the back of the bus! They are not in control, not driving --YOU are!

With clarity comes confidence, as we understand the mechanics of how our plans can come together then our mind is able to be at peace.

The amount of work is not what is so difficult but the unknown that makes it daunting. Flying into space seemed impossible until someone had built a rocket that could successfully do so. So then it became a big undertaking instead of an impossible one.

Once we understand the required steps we need to make, example--a financial plan to pay down debt, a meal plan to lose weight, a business plan to open shop. Once we understand the process the dream no longer feels like a dream that is impossible, big nor scary but instead a realistic, do-able goal.

That is when the momentum really begins. See we idealize the thoughts of something coming together at the speed of light! The house being instantly built but we forget that the foundation must be poured and cured, the walls have to go up, the wiring, plumbing, windows it all takes times and there is a sequence these things happen in. (Obviously I have no f-ing clue what they are when it comes to building a house). But typically a builder begins with a blueprint...

So if you are feeling, stressed, overwhelmed, go back to the basics, get the blueprint-- see the ultimate vision but then just focus on the "how to" for step one.

Big success is more likely to come from many baby steps then from huge leaps and bounds once every blue moon.

Having a plan, broke down into baby steps allows you to turn on one light at a time without feeling the pressure to flip a million switches at once. So even if you are not 100% sure how you will ultimately get there, what could you do this week to get yourself closer?

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