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Weekly Insight, September 3rd 2018

As summer winds down and comes to an end for many of us a sigh of relief partnered with the sorrow of long summer nights.

For many of us we may find ourselves excited for more time to focus inwards. This week's energy is strong with the urge to seek within ourselves-- messages, direction and insight.

The temptation to remain tucked away in our beds with a good book and a cup of warm tea may be too strong for some to resist. That is not a bad thing I might add. Self reflection and huge inner growth often comes during (or shortly after) these periods of rest. However do ensure that you do in fact make the time to get your daily tasks complete so you do not slip into overwhelm.

If you are unable to surrender to the calling of slowing down; I strongly urge you to dedicate some time each day to giving yourself a little extra care and comfort. Be it a bath, comfy pj's, or just getting the kids off to bed a little earlier then usual. Make sure you are allowing sufficient time for yourself. To quiet your mind and rest.

If you don't you could become plagued by some restless sleep. Your moods may feel a bit off and you could become just a little run down.

Self care does not have to be lavish nor an all day event. A quick coffee with a friend, or simply cooking yourself and your family your favourite meal can be enough to remind yourself you are in deed taking care of you!

There is a strong energy around the art of journalling this week. I sense much enlightenment and big self realizations are literally at the tip of the pen for many of us. Write down your thoughts, your dreams, plans and goals and you may be amazed at what exactly ends up wrote down on that page before your desire to write is through.

This may even be enough encouragement and inspiration to break through the neglect of your practice if you have been experiencing writers block lately.

We could see many neglected practices begin to take form once again this week. It as though the relaxed vibes of summer have already passed and many of us are feeling it is time to get back on schedule.

Resisting our routine could make the week feel bumpy and exhausting, however if we honour ourselves and do not resist the new changes that are on the horizon we could find ourself jump into this swing once again as though we never left.

This weeks huge accomplishments may feel far off however I think we could surprise ourselves.

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