The Modern Day Mystic

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About Me-

Living the Life of a Modern Day Mystic

Finding a Deeper Meaning in Life

Hi my name is Tanza Elin Stahl and I am so glad your here! I have had the privilege of assisting hundreds of clients through my work as a spiritual consultant, psychic medium and intuitive energy healer. Over the past few years I found myself looking to serve others in an even more transformational way which has led me to developing more programs and really looking at an individuals life from a deeper perspective.  By encouraging my clients to connect to their Soul, they are able to shed the lies and limitations which have been placed in their way, discover who they truly are and live a life of purpose and fulfillment! 

Since I joined the mastermind, it has made a huge impact on me financially and spiritually. It came just in time as I was ready to step into my online business full time. Within a few days of signing up, I landed my first client then it snowballed from there. Within the first month, I made $7500 and it allowed me to quit my soul-sucking job.

Besides the financial aspects, I have felt so supported in the Mastermind! Tanza listens to the energy of you and your business and empowers you with the mindset and gives tools to implement. I would totally recommend that you join the Modern Day Mystic Mastermind! I'm proof that it works! Just follow Tanza’s lead and you will get results quickly!!!!

Trisha Condo,