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About me- Tanza Elin Stahl

I teach amazing Mystics just like you to build a business that will transform the lives of your clients and build you a spiritual business that generates a six-figure income!

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I am not someone who just thinks it is possible I KNOW first hand it is! 


See I built my business as a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Energy Healer -- and I was the healer who was always investing in learning more, offering more, doing mentorship after mentorship -- but you know what NONE of these mentors were actually teaching me how to get MORE clients! 


When I did accidentally stumble across some marketing knowledge in a life coaching certification my whole business exploded! 


Sounds great right? It was -- until I burnt the F out! 


My anxiety levels went through the roof and I knew it wasn’t Spirit trying to get my attention. No this was Spirit telling me there is a BETTER way to help my clients and honour my energy! 


As I was laying in bed, cringing because another client was messaging me wanting to book an appointment-- knowing my waiting list was already six months long. I finally realized that things had to change! 


See I took the life coaching course but it didn’t teach me anything about building a program that honoured my gifts and the transformation I wanted to provide for my clients! 


In that moment, unknown to me, my whole business changed! 




I decided to lean all the way into my path of coaching and mentoring spiritual women! 


In just 12 months I generated $153,000! AND the best part was I had ENERGY! 


I was no longer drained or had clients coming expecting me to “fix” them, no instead I had clients who were on board, happy to do the work and their lives were changing! 


It didn’t take long for other Spiritual Coaches or other burnt out Healers to reach out and ask me to share with them exactly how I did it! 


Now I help other healers and intuitives to design their own Transformational Programs, where they are able to make a genuine transformation in the lives of their clients all while totally aligned with their soul’s purpose! 


The bonus-- they are able to generate an income that provides the freedom they crave while feeling fulfilled doing what they love most! 

If you want to lean into your purpose and build really supports your calling, your clients, AND your bank account...


Check out how you can work with me here

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About Me-

Living the Life of a Modern Day Mystic

Finding a Deeper Meaning in Life

Hi my name is Tanza Elin Stahl and I am so glad your here! I have had the privilege of assisting hundreds of clients through my work as a spiritual consultant, psychic medium and intuitive energy healer. Over the past few years I found myself looking to serve others in an even more transformational way which has led me to developing more programs and really looking at an individuals life from a deeper perspective.  By encouraging my clients to connect to their Soul, they are able to shed the lies and limitations which have been placed in their way, discover who they truly are and live a life of purpose and fulfillment! 

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