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I have generated over half a MILLION dollars in the online space and my clients combined have generated EVEN more! 

A few celebrations:

J generated her first SIX Figures in her business after years of charging $88 per reading 

T who had almost quit her business generated $115,000 in 2020

G quit her day job and generated over $60,0000 -- while at home raising her babies

E generated $ 57,000+ her first year in her business 

C. got to enjoy having "play money" for the first time ever! 

J made $20,000+ in just 30 days 

T made $7500 in 18 days 

P made $33,330 while inside the High Value Mystic!

K made $16,000 BEFORE finishing the High Value Mystic! 

C made $26,000 in TEN weeks inside the High Value Mystic! 

K celebrated her first $10,000 month while inside the High Value Mystic 

S started doing podcasts and seeing more clients! 

C surpassed her goal and got 5 clients into her High Value Program 

T tripled her prices and started enrolling clients who didn't even ask the price! 

J made more money in 2 months than all of the year before 

N hit $10,000 months! 

M started teaching dozens of healers 

K had a $4000 weekend! 

J started celebrating CONSISTENT $6000 months 

L made more money in 2020 than she ever thought was possible in her healing business 

This is just a few celebrations, there have been many more! 

It is YOUR turn for celebrations like these 

Rise Mystic, it's your time

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