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Please NOTE this program is no longer running -- The High Value Mystic ACCELERATOR is the updated version of this program

What if I told you, you CAN build your empire! 


Be it a Mystery School, an Academy, a Life Changing Coaching Business, a Certification Program 


You have what it takes!

Your PURPOSE and Passion is NOT for playing small, it is not for sacrificing your soul to work in a 9-5 that does not fulfill you! 


There is ZERO shame if you are happy in your J-O-B and have your Healing, Coaching or Consulting Business as a Hobby → BUT my guess if you are here, you know that is not YOUR path. 


See there are some BIG Mindset differences between a Hobby Healer and a Professional Healer

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Some BIG differences between a Wounded Healer and an Abundant Healer 


So let’s heal that wounded healer, and awaken the ABUNDANT Healer within

Rise Mystic, it's your time! ✨🌿

Just imagine, no more struggling to get clients, no more stuck in the by the hour services and instead

FULLY Embodying the Divine Message you have come here to share! 


Go from crickets to being booked up and CELEBRATING $5000  $10,000 $15,000 months of MORE! 

  • Doing what you LOVE and making a genuine difference in the lives of your clients! 

  • The Holistic and Spiritual Industry is growing at a rapid pace! 

  • More than ever people are excited to learn, heal and evolve

  • Are you feeling guided to help them do so?

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Are you DONE putting your dream off, done saying “One day” and instead ready to take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for your Business, your finances and your LIFE!

I have helped many healers, coaches and consultants to build the business of their dreams and now I want to help you! 


So if you are ready to do it FASTER, With Ease and TOTAL ALIGNMENT 

Let’s get you the proven steps that have worked time and time again! 


It is time to Work Smarter, Not Harder, because Making Money is Easy and Fun 


The High Value Mystic Blueprint is just that → A BLUEPRINT! 


No more hoping, but the real steps, guidance and support! 


Mindset For SUCCESS, Build Your Six Figure Mindset! 

There is a good chance you have done years worth of healing, releasing but do you know how to program your mind for success! How to awaken the Abundant Healer within and Rise Mystic, it's your time! 


I have helped amazing psychics struggling to book readings at $40 per session to skyrocketing their business and generating $10,000+ months in as little as 30 days! 

What Happens inside the High Value Mystic Blueprint

Biz Bestie Clarity 


Get crystal clear on who your clients are and how to call in clients in total alignment with what you offer → clients who are HAPPY to invest in working with you 


No more draining clients with the “fix me”mentality → instead learn how to be able to CHOOSE the clients you are excited to support and guide


Your High Value Program 


The truth is; an hour long session is NOT enough to make the life long transformation your clients are CRAVING! And there is a good chance they are telling you that! 


Book recommendations, healing modalities, additional sessions → so many start out so excited about their healing journey that they bounce from healer, to healer to healer still struggling to fully understand how to implement it all into their daily life! 


This is where a High Value Program comes in, one that is completely unique to you, your gifts and your modalities! 


A program that allows you to empower your clients and has them excited to invest $1500 - $7000 or MORE to work with you! 


Authentic Authority Plan 


Learn how to use how to rock mindful marketing like a total PRO! 


Social media is not just for pictures of your food and your favorite travel destination. 


Used with clarity and intention social media is a POWERFUL tool to attract clients from around the world! 

Chances are you do NOT need another modality, or another certification → you need to learn how to market your transformational services in a way that feels good to you and is in total, alignment for your clients! 


Learn both organic (aka 100% FREE) and paid marketing techniques so you have the skills to expand your reach like a total BOSS

Heart Centred Sales 


Let’s be honest, most sales tactics that are taught feel gross! Pushy, sleezy, manipulative → I hear these all often when sales is the topic of conversation. 


But what if I told you there is a way to conduct sales, where the intention is always to help the soul you are speaking to to discover what is for their highest good! 


A way that enrols the right clients with total ease and still makes an impact on those who are not yet ready to work with you. 


Sustain Your Impact 


Learning how to enrol high paying clients is great, but how do we ensure our business is set up for long term success→ Don’t worry here we focus on how you can Scale your Business and Sustain Your Impact without sacrificing any of the transformation along the way.


Tools and Tech to build your EMPIRE 


Now when I say tools and tech I mean tools and tech my 9 year old could learn to run, no big complicated funnels just simple and effective tools to ensure your business is set up to grow. 


Healing and Self Expansion 


Every new level of accomplishment requires a new level of healing, like a tree, the taller it is the broader the roots must reach. 


Here Tanza shares some powerful healing techniques to ensure that the roots are keeping up to the reach of the tree

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What’s Included: 

  • 10 weeks of HIGH Support 

  • Lifetime access to the High Value Mystic Modules and All the Updates! 

  • A Supportive Group with fellow Mystics sharing the journey 

  • Weekly LIVE Group Calls 

  • Trainings created by a FB & IG Ad expert 

  • Private Feedback on Worksheets and Assignments

Already KNOW this is the Next step for your Business?


Book a free High Value Program Assessment call with Tanza to review what is possible for you and your business

What our Clients Are Saying! 

Meet the Team


Learn and Work with Tanza directly! 

Tanza2020 (37).jpg

I believe when you hire a mentor it is to learn directly from them→ so that is what we do inside the High Value Mystic. 

You learn from ME, I share what is working in my business, what has worked for my clients and what is most likely to work for you. 

This program offers support that most programs do not. 

Inside our secret FB group my clients are able to post videos asking their questions in between Live Q&A's to ensure they get the clarity they need. 

Our modules are continuously being updated (and you have lifetime access to these) so this is an investment that will benefit your business for years to come! 

We also encourage our clients to practice their marketing skills inside the Modern Day Mystics Community→ I do not know of a single other program that does that! 

So many of our clients enroll new clients before they even begin building their own communities! 

The FB & IG Ad Team

Running efficient, and high-producing ads is an art! 

This is why the High Value Mystic is proud to have this powerhouse couple as part of the team! 

Casan & Michael spend their days managing ad accounts of coaches who invest thousands of dollars each and every month [including all the ads for the Modern Day Mystic] 

They are up to date on what is working best in the industry and making sure clients feel empowered and clear on how to run ads on social media! 

During the 10 weeks inside the High Value Mystic Mastermind, you will receive additional training on how to set up, run and manage your very own ads! 

Created by ad experts! 

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