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Weekly Insight, April 15th 2018

Forward motion once again...

Finally motivation and focus should be beginning to find us once again. I know the last (phew) six months or so it seems, so many of us have felt a decrease in drive and an increase in confusion. Even in moments of clarity the spark for the fire has been absent.

I should clarify, while there is sure to be a little more "get up and go" for many of us I sense we will not reach full -- go time mentality for several weeks yet. What we may find ourselves doing is becoming hyper-focused on obtaining certainty and direction.

This is a great time to start new routines, become more scheduled with our lives (including time for fun, play and rest!). What is it that you have been wanting to make time for yet have found yourself putting it off once again? Perhaps a partner or buddy to help keep you accountable would be beneficial.

Either way we are sure to feel certain on where it is we desire to go as this week comes to a close. I hope you had a chance to evaluate the items in your life. Hopefully more functional items then "filling" your space without serving a purpose stuff. If you didn't or perhaps you did and did not get a chance to find an outlet to release the items, you may find yourself detaching a bit more this week; embracing a "Just get it gone" mentality. Enjoy it and don't let fear to creep in making you question if you will ever find a leather jacket you like better.

If you are mentally looking for more stimulation and self reflection, this week feels as though it will be a great one to look back on the recent lessons and challenges you have faced and overcome thus far this year.

Shifts are beginning to happen, so be sure to make the time for what it is thats important for you/to you as this has the potential to begin many new helpful habits. It is time to initiate the transformation process so you may evolve into the person you truly aspire to be...

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