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Weekly Insight, December 10th 2019

A new wave of energy is rushing in this week.

Clarity, focus, organization and empowerment are quiet likely to be the main focus for many of us in the remaining few weeks of the year.

We have learnt so much the past 12 months and it is really time to re-evaluate how we intend to lead. How we choose to live our lives and fulfill our purpose.

The old way has got you thus far but new habits, routines and choices need to be made in order to get you to where you want to go.

It is time we choose to live intentionally, to honour our choices and rituals as the sacred services they are.

It is time to free ourselves from the fog of uncertainty, the concept of hoping, the habit of giving our power away to those not worthy of holding it. It is time we take it all back. That we step into our true potential and allow ourselves to succeed.

What has always been in the past is not what truly serves our highest good. You are not the person you once were. The circumstances have changed. Your feet have grown and your old shoes are now to small. Please don't try to squeeze back into something that is no longer for you-- I ensure you better things are waiting.

It is time to get out of fear, of criticism, of comparison and instead embrace a heart full of love. To focus on whom it is that is looking back at you in the mirror today.

The past is a beautiful memory however your future is awaiting for you to create it. I invite you to do so intentionally.

Anytime you doubt this new journey remind yourself that it may feel challenging, frightening but that is only because you have never walked this path thus far. However soon enough you will forget of it's intimidating presence it may now seem to have and instead find yourself as cozily wrapping up in it as you do your favourite sweater.

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