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Weekly Insight, December 3rd 2018

Make it count!

A week to slow down and get clear.

Really clear!

If you have been feeling a sense of overwhelm as of lately it is quiet likely because you are lacking clear direction and a solid structure in your life.

Us humans, we are rebellious creators who always think we want the freedom to run wild and do as our heart spontaneously calls us to do. But the truth is that is not where the majority of growth actually happens.

No it is the simple, mundane tasks that change lives.

It is the way we think, talk and treat ourselves that makes the biggest difference in our happiness. Just as it is the daily organization, numbers and activities that generate us the most accomplishment in our work.

So what of your habits and rituals, are they that of the person you are today?

Are they in alignment with what you desire to create? --- I hope so.

I invite you to ask yourself:

*What am I doing right now in my life, on a daily basis which is really helping me to achieve my goals?

*What have I been avoiding implementing or doing in my life even though I know it will help me?

*What am I truly trying to create?

Lean into your path, your passion and allow yourself to grow, to change and improve. For that is the magic of life, as human beings.

We have the same urge and desire to grow and bloom, however we have no physical roots to keep us "stuck" so where my dear friend are you headed?

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