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Weekly Insight, December 17th 2018

2018 is preparing to leave us on a high note!

The energy of focus and determination is running high right now, so is overwhelm and exhaustion however if we are forgetting to focus on one thing at a time.

The best way to "keep up" is to remind yourself that it is time to release what is no longer serving you, the old wounds, hurts and limitations that have been exhausting you lately. It is time to let them go, you are tiered and the weight of them is heavy.

However if you find yourself full of focus celebrate it.

Flow where clarity and decisive action leads you, you have some big goals and dreams to follow through on this up coming year so be sure you set yourself up to succeed.

Remember it is more likely to be your small daily practices that lead to your biggest growth. So really witness where you are on your journey and if you are indeed setting yourself up for success.

I encourage some open reflection at this time, by open I mean open and honest. No sugar coating but also no self shame over what you did or did not do.

Reflection is the way we are able to witness what it is we want to keep in our lives and what it is that is no longer serving us.

If you want something new you must make room.

The exchange of energy is essential.

So what are you willing to give in order to receive what it is you desire?

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