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Weekly Insight, April 22nd 2018

A week ahead filled with much of what we have been waiting for, what is it that you have been craving? This may be your week to catch the z's you have so desperately been craving. Or perhaps some long awaited news or a guest who's visit you have been excitedly awaiting will arrive.

Whatever it has been that you have been patiently anticipating is likely to show itself this week. That may include things you have dreading -- which I will add is better faced head on.

Respect yourself and the value of your time and I suggest you do not tip toe around the situation, be it a confrontation or an ending it is time to believe in yourself and speak up. Do not speak words you can not undo so be sure to speak from your heart not from a place of resentment, hurt or anger.

Whatever it is you have been yearning for is likely to develop so tend to your thoughts and what it is you have asked to manifest. Remember the excitement and the discomfort it is all the result of the seeds you sowed in the recent months. So if you are not thrilled about the outcome be sure to reevaluate what it is you are now focusing on in this present moment...

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