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Weekly Insight, April 29th 2018

Buckle up Buttercup as this week many of us will be moving at a rate faster then we have experienced for some time! This week momentum and clarity are knocking at our door.

Where we are going? What do we desire? The answers are beginning to truly be visible.

Do you have some blocks related to goals and dreams? If so now is the time to become conscious of these hesitations and work on releasing them. Many of us are ready to be like the snake in the desert, shed our old skin and prepare for the new.

You are allowed to change, to transform, to evolve. It is safe, you are safe. Authenticity in it's truest form is ever changing, for how can one be the person they were two years ago when the experiences which happen are sure to change us. Staying the same and resisting evolution is a reflection of denial -- unless your life has truly ceased to transform. Another revision of whom we are is awaiting us once again.

For many of us this may be fuelled by what was presented last week. What we had been awaiting for -- or attempting to ignore and deny quiet likely hit us in the face making change inevitable. Perhaps to enjoy it or perhaps to face all our ludicrous delusions we had been painting for ourselves.

So this week is time to go back to the drawing board, what are we planning? What seeds (goals) are going into the garden of your mind, what flowers (thoughts) are in full bloom to be enjoyed, what weeds (old habits and limiting beliefs) need to be pulled?

Tend to your garden and enjoy the ever changing process. A garden does not shy away from the gardener instead enjoys the sunshine and trusts in the plan...

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