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Weekly Insight, Aug 13th 2018

This week you may find yourself feeling a bit like a yo-yo, up and then down-- totally believing in yourself one minute the next completely doubting.


Seriously, you've got this!

We are in the midst of a period where our soul is urging us forward, our paths are glimmering and we are witnessing glimpses. We are ready to stand up and be seen! Until fear sets in that is, clear that out! That is the old! You are ready for the new!

Many of us are feeling a motivation that we have not felt in a while; thank goodness after last weeks s-l-o-w vibes.

Change is on the horizon it is simply up to you to decide if you are ready to step out of your comfort and chase your goal or if you will stay here in the familiar.

It is time to stretch ourselves, yet in a way that allows us to feel secure. Like we are bending, trying something new, yet have a sense that we know what we are doing!

I am not saying toss in the towel where you are, but what I am suggesting is these urges you are experiencing listen to that push. Honour your desires and trust that you truly are capable of finding a way to make this work.

Many of us are experiencing some money stress right now, this is part of this safety-fear-lack mentality kicking in. The surest way to take control of these concerns is to get radically honest about where your finances really are at this point.

When we have that clarity we are then able to make a viable plan of how we will get back to the mindset of abundance. We will take back our power by stepping out of the ignorance and the fear of the unknown. So often we spin out over numbers that are not near as heavy as we allow them to feel.

Remind yourself of what exactly it is that you are capable of! That you are now much more well equipped to surpass your passed achievements. Your old restrictions are only limiting you if you allow them to continue to limit you!

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