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Weekly Insight Aug 20th 2018

Your time to shine! Prepare for the new by celebrating the milestone of the recent past.

This week we may find over and over again we are asked, "What would you like?" "What do you want?" it could even get to the point it is frustrating if we are unsure on our path or our purpose.

However if you know your direction, your calling this question will likely bring much joy and spark your internal fire.

Do not allow yourself to slip into overwhelm as the air of Leo still has us feeling everything supercharged. As we enter into Virgo we intend to do so trusting that even if things are not yet perfect we can indeed get them done--even to our high standards.

Connecting to our own vision is really the most grounding practice for us. Allowing that future goal to have a time and place to breath, have confidence in our direction but then be able to come back to the now, to this present moment when we can only focus on the issues at hand.

It is easy to get discouraged to become hung up on how far you have yet to go but do not try to swallow the whole glass of water at once, you will choke and struggle to breath, it will come out your nose--shit will get messy and it will hurt. Instead squeeze some lemon in there, maybe even a little mint, and enjoy it one sip at a time.

We tend to rush so quickly through experiences looking to arrive at our desired outcome that we forget to enjoy the journey. We want so eagerly to build our business, raise well mannered kids, lose 10lbs that we forget to enjoy the moment, the small wins that happen each and everyday.

Through celebration of the milestones that happen each and everyday our forward momentum and goal crushing vibes continue to push us ahead. When we see ourselves winning each and everyday our own confidence and beliefs in our abilities skyrockets!

No matter how big or small an accomplishment is still a success, each win truly does count as a win. The small successes over a year leads to a year of transformation!

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