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Weekly Insight, August 6th 2018

A week so slow the wheels down, not that there will be a halt all together. No quiet the opposite really, but this week you may find yourself entering into a place of deep inner reflection.

This year there have been several strong times of a pause, reflection, re-analyzation of priorities, wants and needs. This is once again another one. No so much as what exactly it is that we so desire-- but how it is we truly desire it. Which way we would like to have it, what way would be most effective.

Take a moment to truly consider which outcome would truly be most beneficial. At times the shortest path between us and our desires require reaching out for help, asking to be taught, it may require a sacrifice perhaps an investment, more hours "working" less indulging in your favourite tv show.

It may make you squirm in your skin. Fear may rage, the ego's instant voice yelling "You could fail" detach a moment and get honest with yourself, are you sure you will fail--if so then yes don't do it; but if you get giddy, if you think it may be possible! Get that nagging fear in check and allow that discomfort to be the current that carries you towards success. Remind yourself this could be the greatest adventure you have ever endured...

Great adventures are what poets and writers speak of.

You may get this all figured out on your own, you may eventually push yourself out of your comfort zone. In the end it may take longer, cost more or you might give up all together. Do not stop digging three feet from the gold. No if you know what it is you want. Now is the time to pursue it.

So this week's energy bringing a feeling of slowing down the motion is not a detour no instead it is making a plan, laying out the map so you may arrive in an efficient time frame.

My tidbit of wisdom, take a chance. No one wants to live life always wondering, what if?

The chance is worth it...

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