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Weekly Insight, July 23rd 2018

Whoa, some big energetic shifts are happening and you may find yourself thinking, "Enough is enough already, it is time to get this show on the road!" and I could not AGREE with you more!

The time for patient consideration is long gone, now is time for stepping up and taking definite action. It is time for you to stand in your power, to shine bright and unapologetically.

This year thus far has been a lot of inner reflection, a little doing, some reflection and consideration, then a little more doing. Many steps, much has likely been accomplished but most likely not near the grand scale you had been envisioning.

Do not fret however those leaps and bounds are now more likely to come. You are ready. See with the eclipse and all we have going on energetically and astrologically. As a whole we are so done with playing small, so done with only tippy toeing around, it is time to channel the season of Leo and roar as we find our power, our voice and our place of belonging.

The side lines have been the comfort zone for too long now, you are ready to get off them and dive into that bigger vision. Perhaps it is telling someone to f- off, maybe it is asking for a raise or instead stepping into the roll of fierce leader instead of intimidated agreer.

Yes yes some pesky insecurities may attempt to re-emerge but it is up to you to decide how far backwards they are allowed to drag you. How much longer these ridiculous beliefs can prevent you from stepping into your truth, into your passion, onto your path.

I know know Mercury is going retrograde people are already fretting, Mercury does us each a favour during this time to assist us by showing us where our weaknesses, soft spots and insecurities still linger.

You are not given anything you can not handle so do not jump onto the rails of concern and instead hold your spot leaning into your truth and each and every morning remind yourself, I AM strong, I AM safe, I AM a Goddess and I AM worthy of all I desire...

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