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Weekly Insight, July 2nd 2018

Be prepared to learn about yourself this week... like A-LOT about yourself.

You see we are approaching the end of a cycle, who you were at the beginning of this stage is certainly not who you see looking back at you in the mirror today... if it is, we got some big problems on our hands!

So often the thing that blocks us the most from what we really do desire is the perception of who it is we think we are. We will not do something, or say something because that is so unlike us. But when did that action, standing up for yourself, going to a new class or ignoring someone's {who drains you} phone call, become so unlike you?

We all change and our actions begin to change, at one time we all had endless help from our parents, they fed us, clothed us, today your parents would certainly NOT run around after you like they once did. So why is it once we hit the age of 30 we assume we should never change?

This week I invite you to let go of your own perceptions, your own limitations on who you are and are not. It is kind of like a new food, you don't know you don't like it until you try it, so how would you know you don't like being a leader, if you have never stepped up to become one?!

This week I encourage you to kindly observe yourself, at the habits you have and the times you catch yourself saying or thinking "I would/could never do that!" really, are you sure about that? Maybe you could?

Take this week to learn something new about yourself. You never know you may be surprised when you no longer live with in the lines you have drawn out for yourself...

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