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Weekly Insight, July 9th 2018

We can expect this to be a big week! Energetically a lot is going on, many shifts are coming along and what was at one time the norm for you could now be absolutely unacceptable.

You are allowed to evolve your standards so do not feel bad if you feel your friendships shifting, your relationship changing, this truly is just part of the growth in your life.

Any transformation or changes you are looking to have this year are quiet likely to be amplified at this time. The moon is having some big influences on us; which if harnessed correctly is a huge positive, we could find increases in our financial situation, decreases in our costs, countless blessings are making their way to us.

If however you have been finding yourself trapped in the rut of self pity I forewarn you don't be surprised if that is also magnified this week. We could potentially see many who are stuck in the victim mentality whining and struggling through everything this week.

If you are on the path to positivity this can be a serious drain, if you are finding these people show up on your doorstep do yourself a favour and get some distance between them and you pronto!

Overall if you have been putting in the "work", you will get to witness and enjoy the results. One of my all time favourite quotes is by Robin Sherma and it goes as follows "Your Results Are Dependent on Your Devotion. Your Performance Reveals Your Practice."

Make sure the seeds you are planting are those of the fruits you truly wish to enjoy...

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