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Weekly Insight, June 11th 2018

A week of acknowledging what we need. Perhaps you are feeling retrospective, many of us are-- you could be finding yourself reflecting on what it is 2018 has brought you thus far. Rest at ease though, we still have plenty of time left in 2018 to make incredible things happen.

In fact for many of us we will see huge leaps and bounds that we didn't necessarily start the year anticipating.

Especially if we identify the biggest blocks slowing us down--- more often then not we are the greatest cause of restriction (no it is not the lack of money, or time, it is us and our own nay sayers that live in our head)

The beginning of this week may feel slow, you could find yourself irritated by this reduced energy, you could find yourself feeling tiered, yet still wanting to stay up late. You may be a little short tempered or just feeling agitated in general.

Don't worry these feelings will not last long, by mid week you will likely find yourself on cloud nine, thrilled about the energetic momentum that is building.

This surge of energy will be incredibly powerful, especially if we take an honest look at the redirection, advice, or new habits we can implement immediately.

See so often these periods of slow down are kind of like a recharge before growth propels us forward. Use this time wisely, write, read, watch your favourite movie, or dig out that puzzle you got for Christmas. If you don't there is a good chance the amount of down time you get for the remainder of the year will be significantly decreased.

Enjoy the silence, simply being, rest assure that things will speed up again quickly. And so long as you are taking conscious action, things are sure to align in your favour-- prepare to be amazed by what it is you can achieve when you allow your focus to be unwavering...

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