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Weekly Insight, June 18th 2018

Whew, this week could feel like a doozy for those of us unprepared to move into the next phase of life. For those of us who are craving change, growth and development however there is a good chance this week will plunge us forward.

We may have found ourselves reflecting on the lessons and progress we have made recently, the areas of our life that are really working and the areas we know certainly are not! Now is the time to tweak what needs to be readjusted, refocus on anything we have recently neglected and continue to nurture the areas we feel are really working thus far.

Home could also be seeing some large alterations this week. Perhaps we are finally crossing off some long time items on the "To-Do" List, maybe we are tempted to declutter and simplify.

New locations, areas and ways of being are extremely tempting right now and that is a good thing! We are ever changing, developing, evolving beings after all--why we should celebrate this growth not tremble in fear by it's presence.

After all the wild flower does not shy away from the sun, nor the rain as it knows without a doubt it will recover, that this is all for it's growth and well being. Even when the beautiful petals are damaged, the flower begins to grow even greater, it repairs and eventually sprouts-blooms once again. Sure it may take some time, however it will not give up.

The next six months are quiet likely to be incredibly unique, a time to remember for sure as for many of us our lives are about to change in some pretty drastic ways. Perhaps we will begin saying YES to our soul's urge, or say no to behaviours that are not serving us. It could be something small like deciding you are going to unsubscribe to some email lists that you never read anyway, or it could be something large like deciding to make an exit strategy or an upgrade from the J-O-B you can not stand!

One thing for sure we are likely to see more community, support and friendship begin to build. Our tribes may begin to build. New partnership, friendship and relationships are likely to begin to form.

More motivation, inspiration and focus are sure to be granted to those who step up and take responsibility for their lives and the way they are choosing to live.

Are you choosing to grow, to evolve, or choosing to mourn what "could" have been? I pray you are trusting in the process, opening your heart and allowing God and the Universal laws to guide you. Many great things are currently in conception...

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