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Weekly Insight, June 25th 2018

Many of us may feel as though this week has not really began as of yet, the vibes are a bit more low key then we have experienced in a while. Take the time to enjoy the quiet, the ponderous flow, as by the time we arrive at Thursday's full moon the tone is about to change in some big ways!

We are receiving an abundant amount of signs, and guidance from the divine. This direction often feels more like a whisper then a sign. Your body may be aching, drawing attention to what is ready to be healed. The title of a book may be mentioned time and time again from numerous people. You may see a beautiful barn owl multiple times. What guidance is the Universe delivering to you? What guidance is God putting in your life?

During these next few days as the simplicity and quiet continues be sure to be aware of any subtle nudges that are being directed at you.

As this Full Moon draws closer and closer the gentle, leisurely pace we have enjoyed these past few days is about to be completely disrupted by a surge of extreme focus and serious reminder-revaluation of where we currently are compared to where we had anticipated on being when this year began. For a lack of better words "Shits about to get real", we are about to get serious about getting serious.

If self discipline has been where you have been lagging this energy that is coming is a great one to get you back on track and propel you forward. This energy is not about playing small, dreaming endlessly-- no this is about having the dream, setting out the guidelines for yourself and the necessary steps to achieve this goal.

You may be surprised by this motivated hustler that resides with in you. However now is the time to get into action! If you continue only considering, then nothing will happen because "Nothing changes if nothing changes"

What actions are you planning to commit to? I encourage you to enjoy this time of simplicity, to listen to the guidance that is being placed in your path and get ready to vault into action in just a mere few days...

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