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Weekly Insight, June 4th 2018

May wise decisions be plentiful at this time. So often we rush things, we forget to weigh the options and really think things through. We turn down opportunities because of fear or an insecurity that we may fail.

Sometimes these doubts are placed by our own past mistake, we think because we made a foolish decision once we may again. We instead will rely on everyone's opinion because they might know better then we do. I suggest you seriously consider the source giving you all this information of course-- if your friend wants to give you marital advice yet her and her husband are totally disconnected likely not the best source-- despite the best of intentions. If someone who is broke is trying to give you financial advice, look at their own position.

There is also something to be said about the metaphor, get back on the horse. If an investor lost some money in the stock market once do you think he or she would choose to never invest once again? Nope. Or if a baby fell the first time he tried to walk would he just call it quits-- I hardly think so.

So why are you questioning yourself, your own ability based on how things happened once? Learn from your decisions, believe in yourself. Your own advice that you have for YOU, that is extremely valuable. Yes you must learn to walk before you can run but what you think of your own ability to handle, overcome or achieve a situation, that plays a HUGE part.

So unless someone is a professional on the topic you are discussing/thinking about, there is a good chance that your own intuition is giving you better advice then your sister in law, who's cousin, husband's brother went through something similar.

Even if you feel you don't have enough information to consider all sides I just want you to think about it for a moment, animals do not have google, they don't have books or many outside influences but yet we see animals trusting their instincts time and time again. They do what they know they need to do for themselves. Does it always work out--maybe not. But an animals instincts are invaluable. So why do we doubt ourselves so damn much?!

Part of making wise decisions is considering the upside and the downside, what's the worst that could happen. But also how does it feel? That's certainly something to consider...

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