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Weekly Insight, May 14th 2018

Stand in your power, this week is a week where we may be tested, challenged, pushed around if we allow it. Stand firm in what it is you want, of course compromise is completely of value however be aware if someone is trying to push you to do what they want/expect of you.

A continuous lesson throughout this year is that of our own self worth, self value, self respect. You may find yourself falling more and more in love with who you are with ease, or if you are out of alignment, neglecting yourself; you may find your inner shit (you know all the negative thoughts or as one of my mentors, Kris calls it "Stinkin' Thinkin'") being brought to the surface. Leaving you no choice but to start confronting the way you view yourself and the ways you allow others to treat you.

See it truly does not matter how well or how ill someone else treats you, not when you are giving yourself the love and the kindness your Soul is craving. The actions of another are 99% of the time a reflection of them, not you. But the way you react, what you tolerate that is a direct reflection of you.

Perhaps it is time to say no when you need to, or speak up when you have something to say. Ultimately you are the creator of your life, the director of your destiny so it is up to you to decide what is acceptable? ...

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