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Weekly Insight, May 22nd 2018

A week of reconsideration-- The long weekend which is intended to be a time of rest often ends up leaving us tiered but also recharged; the fun we had often gives us a new perspective. Answers to our questions may be easier to hear and sense.

2018 is a year that is about much personal growth and moving towards where it is we truly desire to go. The consequences from poorly judged decisions have shown themselves and now it is time to straighten out those hiccups so we may move forward with ease.

For many of us we resist making new choices due to a lack of trust we may have formed over years of "choosing wrong". However I believe in no such thing as being a mistake but instead a gift, a lesson that will help us feel what a good decision truly does feel like!

We are already approaching the half way mark of 2018 and many of us have dealt with the majority of "ironing out the wrinkles" and releasing habits, or old tendencies that were truly hurting us more then helping us. The remainder of this year is really about gaining clarity on your direction and building that forward momentum.

Do you know where it is you are heading? Are goals and systems in place to help you achieve this with ease? It is time to ensure you are being open to alternative routes that can help you excel and reach your desired destiny even faster.

A for-warning moving forward rarely comes without some resistance, so expect to feel your self sabotaging part want to take the lead, drag their feet or dally around to keep you "here" just a little while longer.

Be ready to be firm with yourself, to talk yourself through this, if you are feeling any discomfort where you currently are the next six months can be like riding a rocket, blasting you forward but you may have to face your fear. You may have to pack only the essentials, leaving behind the crude that has been holding you still. Do you know what you are taking along? You must consciously make a logical decision when choosing these items.

Are you ready?....

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