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Weekly Insight, May 28th 2018

A week for partnership, community and support.

Team work is something so many of us under estimate. We often get caught up in the mindset that asking for help or leaning on others is not an option. We love to be called upon for help or support yet we struggle to accept help when it is offered to us.

Through out history people have lived as a community, tribes are the foundation which this civilization has been built. More then ever though we are seeing people retract from the tradition of elders passing on wisdom to the young, we are seeing people isolate while assuring themselves they are social because they have x hundred friends on facebook.

Don't get me wrong social media are priceless tools, which I purely enjoy myself. But real in person socializing provides a different kind of support. A different form of connection.

This week I invite you to take/make some time to connect with friends, to get together for a social visit. For no other reason then to simply connect.

Better yet connect with people who fill up your soul, who light you up and bring a smile to your face. Take a moment this week to nurture your connections, to utilize them and possibly even create a new support system. A new group to keep you accountable, to allow you to feel understood, or just some incredible people who make you laugh until your tummy hurts.

Life is short live it in good company...

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