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Weekly Insight, May 6th 2018

A flood of emotions and mental exhaustion may have set in the passed few days, it happens, however let's not allow this to define the week ahead. No instead this is a week that is about making measurable progress towards the direction we desire to go in.

So if your aim is to pay off old debt, making a structured re-payment plan is favourable this week, if you are working towards a trip, setting up a savings account is the kind of forward momentum we would like to see this week.

The fact that finances continue to arise this tells me that many of us may find that being a stress point or challenge currently. Perhaps you really are craving something however your own financial situation is preventing you from moving forward, if that is the case get creative! You are so resourceful and you may discover money you did not even know was there!

Either way this week is one that really goes back to our mindset, what is our focus? How are you thinking, talking, what measurable action are you making towards your goal? Do you have any beliefs that you have taken on that are not your own? Where did they come from and why are you still holding them?

You are wealthy in many ways, you are so capable of everything you want, however we do have to ask for what it is we desire! So I invite you to ask yourself, what is it I need to ask for? ...

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