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Weekly Insight, November 19th 2018

Hey there focus, nice to see you're back!

Yep after a couple of emotional weeks most of us are feeling the pep on our step enter again and our focus and motivation really return.

The beginning of the week may feel a little underwhelming for some but by the end of the week so long as you are doing the work a big shift will soon be approaching. A shift that will hopefully last the remainder of 2018.

You may find yourself wondering why this past week was such a tough one to make decisions, especially now that this now or never, yes or no type of energy has entered.

I like it!

Just be sure not to let self doubt slip in, you know what you want and you know how you can make it happen!

Now is your time to follow through!

It really is now or never... I mean how many years have you been saying "Someday, one day" stop it!

The plan is there so just get going! You know this is exactly what you were asking for so why shy away now.

Be it a job, a person, an experience don't let doubt take you out of the game!

The power of your ability to create is incredible so why would you wait for what you desired to show up and then sit and watch as it passes you by?

Now is time to really embrace the logic, focus on one step at a time and begin to make the climb. Don't over complicate things, just do what feels right!

There are times to put everyone else first, like the holidays and they are coming very soon! (Especially for my friends in the US, Happy Thanksgiving) but during your work week, it is time to focus on you!

Don't make a big list of to-do's when your heart is dreaming of something else. Delegate and get both done!

You have got this!

You really can have it all! You deserve it.

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