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Weekly Insight, November 5th 2018

A week to make a conscious action plan to ensure your mind works for you.... not against you.

A week amplified by our practice. Ensure you are paying attention to those habits, both good and bad.

We may find our negativity race off with our mind at the speed of light, steering us down the rabbit hole of self doubt and comparison just like a sheep dog herds his sheep. But do not panic, no rest assured so long as we are aware of this mischievous shepherd we are able to once again gain control and gain momentum once again at a rapid pace!

If you have been sticking to your routine of honouring yourself, looking after your spirit, body, mind and soul you will likely find yourself feeling and endless amount of passion, fire and creative energy pulsing through your veins through out the week!

Where ever you are be sure not to shame yourself or allow your pride to become judgemental towards others on their journeys. We are all doing the best we know how.

Be your mind filled with positivity and cheer or dread and worry, take some time to give to yourself-- yes of course, but also give to others. Send a friend a joke, buy a coffee for a stranger, give your spouse a compliment and a pinch on the behind.

Giggle, laugh and enjoy the moment.

Yes even if it does feel forced. It is just a moment--- who knows could change your whole day!

Take some time to spread joy, to embody joy. I assure you it will return back to you tenfold.

If you have been neglecting yourself and your most basic, core practices, your soul is calling you home. Home to the foundation YOU know works when you pay attention and implement the actions and routines.

So get still, quiet and ask yourself, what do I need in order to feel really good this week?

Then follow through, be it a cup of coffee in solitude to start the day, a green smoothie or a hot bath at night. Get honest with yourself and remind yourself how important it is you take the appropriate actions to guarantee your own happiness!

YOU are in charge of your life and as much as we like to think of the big changes to be the defining moments in our happiness the truth is it is the little things, the habits and routines we have each and everyday. So be sure to take control of your well being and get back to what brings you joy!

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Nov 06, 2018

Awe thank you Amber. They will be for me too!!!! It’s already in my daytimer 😘 my me time appointments and time for fun 😊


Amber M Penner
Amber M Penner
Nov 06, 2018

Thanks Tanza

The little joys of life will be front and center for me this week. As always I really appreciate reading your insights.

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