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Weekly Insight, October 15th 2018

Self care may be brought to the forefront of your mind at this times.

So it should be.

The past few weeks have been a big energetic shift for the majority of us. For most this has been a welcomed shift which has brought in more focus, clarity and ease as we move forward towards our goals. However we can not forget to nurture ourselves. To look after our own needs so we do not burn out.

I am celebrating all the huge milestones so many are completed. Striving towards success with more ease then ever! --- that is for those of us that quit fighting out true wants and instead plunged forward into our journey.

If you have not been following through on your passions you could simply find yourself feeling dissatisfied and near an emotional breaking point. -- be kind to yourself if it happens.

It is time though to honestly ask yourself, what parts of my life are no longer working? What or who is embezzling my joy. What is it that I am dreading yet continuously saying yes to?

For those of us that are experiencing this blissful state of motivation and achievement, do not fret if you are feeling some fatigue slowly begin to creep in.

Don't forget: You have grown so much! Changed and evolved in so many ways.

Ensure you get some time to look after yourself, with a bubble bath, a visit with friends or just an afternoon to yourself. Enjoy it.

Be sure to accomplish what you must but also; rest up and recharge some more, tremendous transitions are once again continuing to flow our way.

Do not fret about these shifts, they will come in effortlessly to those of us whom are already dedicating the energy and focus towards our goals and desires.

In the mean time have a little fun! Great things get accomplished when we have had plenty of laughter, rest and remove the pressure from our shoulders.

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