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Weekly Insight, October 22nd 2018

Your mind may be drifting towards areas of your life that are in need of healing. We are facing a periods of endings. Which can be challenging for many of us but the beauty is that we are also preparing for new beginnings.

You could find life feels as though it is testing you, pushing your boundaries, buttons and patience. It is. Are you willing to bend? Willing to stand your ground, keep your word-- honour yourself? Or will you once again neglect your healing, your dreams, desires and just settle for what is easiest?

We could feel a flood of emotions early in the week, ride out the wave and allow the release to take place. It is healing, all of it.

It may be a good time to do something that feels a little out of character. Give yourself permission to be silly and just have fun. Life is short, ensure you are making room for joy.

Just don't be surprised when it brings with it some momentum.

Self care and fun have been a big focus over the last few weeks as the energies of dissatisfaction, uncertainty and frustration as well as just plain old exhaustion have been lingering relentlessly for those who have neglected themselves, pushed through their discomfort instead of honouring their needs.

Turn inwards. Dedicate some time to rest, but also to reflection. What is it that you desire and why is that what you crave?

Life has been showing us where we have blocks, imbalances and healing to focus on, but let's be honest it is so much easier to focus on others, on distractions on the endless list of to-do's then question our path, purpose or on habitual choices.

You are not alone, most of us distract ourselves. However if life has been pushing you and you are experiencing the physical or emotional discomfort that many are it is up to you to decide; how much longer do I wish to continue with having this? How long will I wait? Why am I delaying?

You may find yourself retreating for some deep inner work-- followed by rest. Or you could choose to seek the guidance of another. Honour both would be my advice. Much of the work we can do on our own with the right tools but if we were meant to work alone there would not be 8 billion people here with us on this planet.

Take the time to nurture yourself and your desires now and by the end of the week you should feel ready to conquer the world! Treat yourself well and enjoy as you shift into alignment.

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