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Weekly Insight, September 17th 2018

The beginning of the week could have you feeling a little bit like a yo-yo; up and down, up and down. As if no sooner than you find a great flow then face a bout of exhaustion or just an overwhelm of emotions.

Don't fret by late Wednesday this energy should pass and you should begin to feel more balanced. (My suggestion though is to keep the mid-week for focusing on projects you have already started, or you could find yourself knotted up in overwhelmed.)

Details could be causing you to spin out and giving the urge to just focus on the little things. If this is happening to you I want you to consider, in all honesty-- does this really matter right now? If not leave it for another time.

This is quiet possibly because we have (or are about to) jumped into a big project, one that is meaningful to us and we actually see it all coming together! So our fear filled ego has to kick in and make us panic over which colour blue is the "right" blue for a few hours just to ensure it to is heard and felt-- tossing in a little resistance in an unexpected way.

It is funny how resistance flares up in strange ways when we sense change, progress and even organization are coming. We get upset when something we virtually never used before is gone or broken. A new useful tool gets given to us yet we avoid it instead of embracing it.

But once we detach and witness our ridiculous reactions we are able to embrace these new changes and even enjoy the growth that is so close!

Be it time for focusing on family, work, or self this is a great week to actually build momentum and get the details organized-- leading to come serious achievement, improvements and organization.

So long as we resist the urge to; get caught up in emotions, become focused on what didn't go our way, or give in and overindulge.

If we can manage to be firm yet gentle with ourselves. Give ourselves permission to have fun and not feel guilty about it, to enjoy some relaxation without completely dismissing our list of to do's. It is sure to be a fantastic week for learning, making big progress and getting things checked off our "to do" list.

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